• Roman Muradov

    Roman Muradov

    I draw things.

  • Andrew Do

    Andrew Do

    Living Austin, TX from Tdot. Civic design @civiqueso . Advisory @digitaljustlab . Producer in quotable snark. In search of perfectly ripe & juicy mangoes.

  • Kenneth Gibson

    Kenneth Gibson

    Observing stuff about where interactive digital design and the media industry collide including crowdfunding.

  • Anthony Fernando

    Anthony Fernando

    We are Downsview, Stronger Together. #downsview2014

  • StartSomeGood


  • Megan Marrelli

    Megan Marrelli

    NYC journalist, M.S. at Columbia University | Interests: data journalism, podcasting, and the future of news

  • Aribowo Sangkoyo

    Aribowo Sangkoyo

    A born-again layman

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