Studying digital human rights

A few months ago, I tweeted asking for syllabi or a reading list on digital rights — essentially, anything as it pertained to the rights of humans in a new, elusive arena. The tweet came from a need and an interest on my part to dive deeper into advocacy work for immigrants and people of colour as it pertains to their interactions with technology, surveillance, and data privacy. However, as I began looking for courses in my own graduate program, I found a dearth of resources. But, people on Twitter came through!

Below, I’ve made an absolutely not exhaustive list of resources that I’ve found or people have sent me on the issue. I’ll try to keep updating the list as I access more. If you see something I’ve missed, please comment (!!) or email me at

Happy reading!

Update: Some really great people have created a near exhaustive list of syllabi here: Tech Ethics Curricula


Computing & American Culture, Stanford Dept. of Communications

Hacker Culture & Politics, NYU Steinhardt

Racializing Surveillance, UTexas Communication & Rhetorical Studies

Digital Media, Brown Modern Culture & Media

Current Issues in Internet Law, Yale Law

Copyright X, Berkman Klein Center and Harvard Law (online)

Computers, Ethics & Public Policy, Stanford Computer Science

When Machines Decide, University of Utah Praxis Lab

Internet Technology, Economics and Policy, Columbia Computer Science

Algorithms for the People, Brown University Computer Science

Tech x Racial Justice Crowdsourced Resources, Coding it Forward

Other reads/resources

Digital Government Reading List, Canadian Digital Service

It’s Time for a Bill of Data Rights, MIT Technology Review

A Predictive Policing Syllabus, The New Inquiry

Digital Equity Lab, The New School

Digital Justice Lab

Data 4 Black Lives Conference Notes

RightsCon 2018 Notes

Ties That Bind, The Engine Room

On Recent Research Auditing Commercial Facial Analysis Technology, Medium

Recent Tech Ethics & Policy News, Casey Fiesler

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